Library Guide ーFor people live, work, or attend a school in Takatsuki

WELCOME TO "Takatsuki City Library"
The Takatsuki City Library System consists of 5 libraries , a branch library and 2 offsite self-service pick up & drop off locations, a book mobile.
Registration is not required for browsing the collection.In order to borrow library items you are required to apply for a library card.
CENTRAL LIBRARY 2-1 Toen cho, Takatsuki 569-0067
TEL 072-674-7800
KOTERAIKE LIBRARY 1-1 Nishiyosumi cho, Takatsuki 569-0813
TEL 072-696-2880
SHIBO LIBRARY 4-3-11 Shibo cho, Takatsuki 569-0823
TEL 072-678-7401
ABUYAMA LIBRARY 2-11-12 Nasahara, Takatsuki 569-1041
TEL 072-693-9333
HATTORI LIBRARY 2-15-1 Urado, Takatsuki 569-1027
TEL 072-668-1085
【Library of children’s literature】
7-1 Hakubai cho, Takatsuki Within Takatsuki Muse Campus (Kansai univ.) 569-1098
TEL 072-683-1911 
●Additional Service Locations
Self-service Pick up and Book return bins
JR TAKATSUKI STATION BOOK CORNER 1-2 Konya machi, Takatsuki Inside The General Citizen's Exchange Center 569-0804
TEL 072-674-7800 (CENTRAL LIBRARY)
HANKYU RAILWAY KANMAKI STATION BOOK CORNER 2-1-12 Kounai, Takatsuki Inside Kanmakieki cycle parking space 569-0007
TEL 072-674-7800 (CENTRAL LIBRARY)

Opening Hours

  • Central, Shibo, and Abuyama Library
  • Mon,Wed,Fri : 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
    Thu,Sat,Sun,National Holidays : 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
  • Koteraike and Hattori Library
  • Tue,Wed,Fri : 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
    Thu,Sat,Sun,National Holidays : 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
  • Muse Kodomo Branch Library
  • Monday to Saturday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • JR Takatsuki Station Book Corner
  • 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Hankyu Railway Kanmaki Station Book Corner
  • 7:00 am - 8:00 pm

Days closed

  • Central, Shibo, and Abuyama Library
  • Tuesdays(Even if a national holiday falls on a Tuesday)
  • Hattori and Koteraike Library
  • Mondays(Even if a national holiday falls on a Monday)
  • Muse Kodomo Branch Library
  • Sundays, National Holidays
    Closed on Sat from July 29th to Sep 20th
  • 2 offsite self-service pick up & drop off locations & the book mobile
  • →Please check our web-site and calendar.
  • All Libraries
  • 2nd Thursday of every month, annual stock take (approximately for 5 days in June to July),
    December 28th - January 4th (Muse Kodomo Branch Library:December 26th - January 5th )

    →Please check our web-site and calendar.

Applying a Card

Anyone who lives,works,or goes to school in Takatsuki City is eligible to apply for a library card.
Present a completed application form at the counter, along with valid identification showing your name and residential address.
Acceptable identification includes ;
a resident card (a foreign registration card)
a student lD card
a driver's license
Applicants who don't reside, but work in Takatsuki city also need to show proof of current employment.
All library cards expire and must be renewed every five years.

Borrowing library materials

―Loan periods
2 weeks for all circulating items including books,magazines,videos and CDs.
The latest issue of magazines may not be checked out.
―Loan limits
Books and magazines 20 items
CDs 4 items
videos 2 items (available only at the Central Library)
Self-checkout machines are available at each library.Scan your library card, and follow the instructions on touch screen. When items have been checked out, the list of borrowed items and their duedate will be printed out on a slip, and please take this with you.
Within the limit (20 items) you can check out a maximum of 5 items each at JR Takatsuki Station Book Corners and Hankyu Kanmaki Station Book Corner.
―Renewing borrowed items
You may once extend the loan period by 2 weeks from the day when you renew the item through self-checkout machines, via a call to one of our libraries, Online Public Access Catalogue, or via the internet at home before its due date.

Returning library materials

Please return borrowed materials on or before the due date.

You can return items to any of the 6 locations of the Takatsuki City Library or the three library book return bins.
These bins are available almost all day.
They are also located ;
 ・at Takatsuki-city Bus Information Corner on second floor of Hankyu Takatsuki Railway Station
 ・on the entrance hall of The General Citizen's Exchange Center (located 50 meters southeast of JR Takatsuki Station)
 ・at Hankyu Railway Kanmaki Station Book Corner (on the first floor of Hankyu Kanmakieki cycle parking space)

Note that following items may not be returned into the library book return bin because of potential damages.
 ・Large-Size Books
 ・Videos borrowed from the Central Library
They must be returned directly to the counter of the libraries during opening hours.

Finding Books

Books in Takatsuki City Libraries are arranged in the Nippon Decimal Classification System.
The system classifies each book according to its subject matter,gives it a decimal call number to locate it in a library. You may use our Online Public Access Catalogue or ask our staff for help to get NDC number of the book you're looking for.

Placing a Hold

Items can be placed holds directly by operating Online Public Access Catalogue in the libraries or on web site.
Books and magazines 20 items
CDs 4 items
videos 2 items (available only at the Central Library)
When items on hold are available for pickup, they are put on a shelf in a hold section. You have seven days to pick up your holds. You may choose a convenient place out of our 5 libraries, a branch, or two station book corners when you place a hold.
*JR Takatsuki & Hankyu Kanmaki Station Book Corners are available only for book or magazine pick up, maximum of 5 holds and of 5 items to be borrowed.
*Videos may be placed holds on only at The Central Library at counter or Online Public Access Catalogue.

Reference Services

If you are looking for information about a particular subject, our staff will be happy to assist you in locating the materials you need.

Photocopy Service

Coin-operated copy machines are available for photocopying library materials at ¥10 per copy.(b/w,size up to A3)
Copyright law may limit the amount of material that can be photocopied. Any part of the latest issue of periodicals may not be photocopied. Before using a copy machine, please fill out the application form and submit it to the library staff at the nearest counter.

Online Service

On our web site, you may browse the library catalog of books, magazines, CDs,and videos.
To place holds on books, magazines and CDs online, you will need to create library account. Everyone who has a valid library card is eligible to do so. Logging in to your account also allows you to view your library record(items on loan and holds)and renew items.
*Takatsuki City Library System has a policy on protection of library users' personal information,ensuring confidentiality.
*Library materials are shared by all library users. Please handle them with care.
Users are responsible for damage and lost.